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Palm Organix CBD Shop is proud to provide the highest quality CBD products to every customer. Palm Organix is a trusting company on the market that ensures naturally grown excellent hemp products, at prices that remain affordable among the rest. Find a variety of excellent products at affordable prices at a Palm Organix CBD online shop.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best CBD oil products that exceed in every step of our process. From sustainably farmed hemp, our intricate CO2 extraction process, our GMP manufacturing process, and our third-party lab testing - Honesty, trust, and quality are what Palm Organix is all about.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. Of the hundreds of cannabinoids that consist in this species of plants, CBD has quickly evolved into one of the main compounds that provide lasting health benefits for a variety of reasons. Because of this, CBD dispensary shops like Palm Organix have learned these beneficial properties to produce an assortment of Palm Organix CBD products.

Cannabis and hemp both contain approximately 100 different cannabinoids, mainly composed in the flower buds of each kind of plant. One of the main differences between hemp and cannabis is that hemp contains a significantly lower concentration of THC. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the cannabinoid in cannabis known for its psychoactive “high” effects. Any hemp flower contains an equal or less amount of 0.3% of THC.

All products in our CBD shop are derived from natural hemp grown in the United States and processed in a GMP-certified facility. The buds produced from our sustainably farmed hemp plants contain the highest concentrations of cannabidiol while following the equal or less than 0.3% THC level. Not only is it highly concentrated with CBD, but all Palm Organix CBD products can be consumed in multiple methods while providing relief and comfort.

Broad Spectrum CBD

All of our Palm Organix CBD products in our online CBD shop contain broad spectrum CBD. This means that our CBD products include all of the beneficial cannabinoids of the hemp plant except for THC. Broad spectrum products allow our customers to enjoy the natural health benefits of CBD while remaining free of THC, avoiding any traces of THC in their system. Plus, our CBD shop’s broad spectrum products allow for the entourage effect, when multiple different cannabinoids work together in the body, to take full effect.

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How CBD Works

CBD, along with all other cannabinoids, directly affects our endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system in our bodies plays a crucial role in regulating a range of physiological processes. This includes our mood, energy, immune activity, blood pressure, stress, pain, and much more.

When CBD is consumed, the chemicals of the compound interact and bind with your CB1 and CB2 receptors, the main receptors located throughout your body to regulate and balance all physiological features. The human body also produces its own cannabinoids through this system, so when cannabidiol binds with these receptors, it influences a series of bodily functions. This is why CBD shops near me often provide options recommended for the following:

Buy CBD Oil Melatonin CBD Softgels

For Sleep

Palm Organix CBD shop offers a variety of products for those looking for a well-rested night of sleep. Multiple studies have shown how high doses of CBD can help alleviate patients suffering from sleep disorders that interrupt or hinder one’s night of sleep. The CBD shop’s products are designed for every user to feel calming effects that will have you melting off into a dreamy state in no counting sheep needed!
Buy CBD Oil Curcumin CBD Softgels

For Pain

CBD products have the potential to enhance the blockage of neurotransmitters that send pain signals to our brains. When consumed, this cannabinoid can help to further reduce the level of pain symptoms felt, acting as a natural remedy and treatment to chronic or minor pain. At any CBD shop near me, Palm Organix CBD provides products that can help reduce levels of chronic pain and discomfort in users.
PalmOrganix Tinctures Mint CBD Oil

For Overall Wellness

Along with the physiological benefits of Palm Organix CBD comes a better sense of overall wellness for users who choose these products. Broad Spectrum CBD products at the CBD shop near me are known to enhance overall mood, appetite, and memory. When this cannabinoid is consumed from CBD shop products, users may feel reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, providing a more uplifting perception and overall feeling.
CBD Skincare CBD Oil near me CBD Lotion CBD Oil

For Skin Care

This CBD shop near me features Palm Organix CBD products that are great for your next skin self-care day. The anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties of CBD will have our customers feeling refreshed and moisturized, freeing any signs of acne, redness, and discomfort. CBD topicals are a popular product to try for those looking to enhance their skincare routine.
CBD Oil Energy Drink Powder pack

For Energy

Considering the way CBD interacts with the endocannabinoids in our system, the Palm Organix CBD Shop offers a wide range of products that will give users the natural boost of energy they need. The CBD online shop offers various oils, tinctures, soft gels, and even topicals, that will give our customers an extra pep in their step and ready to take on any challenge handed their way.
CBD Gummies CBD Oil

Tasty Treats

Everyone loves our CBD gummies, tasty, chewy fruit flavored treats packed with 10g of our PCR hemp extract. If you are looking for a treat for your pup we recommend our Dog Chews. Each beef flavored chew contains 2mg of CBD.

Where to Shop CBD

When it comes to searching for a CBD shop and products near me, the options can be overwhelming. It’s no surprise that this curative cannabinoid can be so beneficial, but exploring and trusting the right CBD shop is an important step in this health journey. The Palm Organix CBD shop is proud to represent quality, all-natural products that will ensure you are receiving exactly what you are looking for in your CBD experience.

Palm Organix CBD dispensary shop is an online CBD shop that contains hundreds of products that are designed to add relief and comfort to your everyday needs. At our online CBD shop near me, customers can browse a list of products that come from high-quality, sustainably farmed hemp plants. All lab reports can be found on the product’s page of the online CBD shop, as well as on the QR code printed on the product label.

When shopping at a CBD shop near me, it is important to keep in mind that the effects of CBD often take up to a week or two to fully feel its effects. Often, many times people are not using enough CBD and therefore not feeling their desired results. Palm Organix CBD shop encourages customers interested in our CBD products to give them some time and patience before giving up on CBD. Some people may need to increase their dose more than others, while some may prefer one specific product to work well over another. Everybody’s body is different. If you are still unsatisfied with our Palm Organix CBD products, we offer your money back guaranteed. Simply return your unwanted product within 30 days and you will receive a full refund.

Best CBD Shop Products

Considering the large assortment of CBD products offered in a CBD shop near you, it can be helpful to learn some of the most top-rated, recommended Palm Organix CBD products. Offered in various consumption forms such as topicals, tinctures, soft gels, and considerably more...there is a CBD product out there for everyone.

  • Palm Organix’s Melatonin Blend soft gels contain 25 mg of CBD hemp extract and 1 mg of melatonin in each gel capsule. The blend of melatonin with the CBD in each softgel ensures better absorption and maximum bio-availability. It is recommended to take one to two capsules around half an hour before your desired sleep time to feel relaxed and ready for bed.
  • CBD oil Tinctures in our Palm Organix CBD Shop are a versatile and simple way to receive these broad spectrum cannabinoids efficiently and discretely. The tinctures in our CBD online shop are fast absorbing and available in three strengths of doses while being easily dosed and adjusted. Each bottle in the CBD online shop contains 30 1ml servings of CBD. These CBD tinctures come in various flavors and varieties. We even have products safe and beneficial for your pet!
  •  Pain can be targeted and alleviated fast and smoothly with Palm Organix’s Curcumin Blend softgels. Each gel capsule sold in our CBD online shop contains 25 mg of hemp extract and 10 mg of Curcumin. Curcumin is a curcuminoid from the turmeric family, containing a long history of natural pain-relieving properties. Designed to support joint health, this element is added with the CBD to ensure maximum results and relief.
  • If you’re searching for a CBD topical to improve your skincare, Palm Organix CBD shop has some great options to choose from! The Palm Organix CBD Face Mask is a great product for refreshing and rejuvenating the face. Our skincare lotion, camphor lotion, and salve are great for soothing any areas of discomfort in the body. Our cooling gel roll-on CBD product can be used to target specific intense pain areas of the body.
  • Palm Organix CBD shop near me recommends its line of energy drink mixes to enhance your day. Each box of Palm Organix CBD Shop Energy Drinks contains five packets of CBD Energy Drink mix that can be added directly to your water bottle. Each packet contains 12.5 mg of CBD and 75mg of caffeine, giving you that boost of energy any time of day you need it.
  • The CBD shop near me also offers a fun way to include CBD into your everyday routine. Palm Organix provides delicious, fruity, and traditional-style CBD Gummies that are all-natural with the perfect combination of taste and texture in every bite. Each jar contains 20 CBD gummies, with 200mg total and 10mg in each soft gummy. The CBD gummies at the online CBD shop are made with natural fruit flavors, no gluten or GMO’s, and are quality lab tested.
  • If you’re looking for the strongest dose of CBD you can get at a CBD shop near me, check out our 1500mg CBD oil tincture. This is our strongest CBD product and is recommended for those who are seeking a higher potency and serving. Each serving is 50mg, 30 servings per bottle.

Palm Organix is a leading CBD company in the industry. Our online CBD shop’s brand reputation is designed to provide honest, trusted, high-quality products you can feel good about taking. Palm Organix offers CBD products in different forms of products, that are all priced and tested responsibly and affordably.

If you are new to CBD and not sure where to start, the CBD shop near me is the perfect source for you to learn and understand what CBD products are available and how exactly they can be helpful to you. You can easily shop CBD and Palm Organix products that you can trust to bring the beneficial results you need. This CBD shop near me also gives customers the opportunity to buy in bundles, where you can try CBD in multiple methods to learn what you enjoy the most.

Palm Organix CBD Shop

The best CBD shop near me includes various high quality CBD products that offer a range of therapeutic and beneficial properties.

Our broad spectrum CBD ensures each product in our online CBD shop is crafted carefully and with only the highest quality oil and ingredients. Each product contains multiple beneficial compounds and cannabinoids extracted from our sustainably farmed hemp plants.

All of our CBD products sold in our online dispensary are third-party lab tested, with Certificate of Quality Assurance from our suppliers. We consistently test products that are free from harmful pesticides, molds, or chemicals. At Palm Organix CBD Shop, we are motivated to create honest, trusted, and quality CBD products, with various products and information accessible to you instantly through our online CBD shop.


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This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this notice. PLEASE NOTE: Zero THC is defined as (0.0%) no detectable THC, as supported by our lab testing.

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