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August 24, 2020

How to Find a Wholesale CBD Oil Partner

The CBD oil industry is exploding as many people are recognizing and embracing the positive effects of CBD oil to promote their overall health and wellbeing. As one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, more retailers, convenience stores, medical practitioners, and all types of health and wellness businesses are searching for how to find a wholesale CBD partner as they recognize consumers are moving away from prescription medications.

But, how do you find the right wholesale CBD companies to partner with to market to your clients in order to have strong sales?  Who is the best wholesale CBD supplier since the age of the industry is only two years old and in its infancy? Making the right choice the first time is crucial to your businesses success.

cbd wholesale partner

Guide to finding the best Wholesale CBD partner

While there are tons of CBD oil wholesalers and companies to choose from in the US, it can be overwhelming finding how to find a wholesale CBD oil partner in the US. As a US CBD dispensary or shop owner, you're probably aware of your customer products needs. So, if you're thinking of adding wholesale CBD infused products to your business to grow your sales, you need to find a reputable wholesale CBD partner with strong brands, lots of quality product categories, quality extraction methods, and lab test results so you can trust them to be your supplier. Keep reading down the page to find the things that make a great cbd wholesale partner.

best wholesale partner for CBD

Which CBD oil Wholesalers are the Best

Since the US wholesale CBD industry is highly unregulated, it is no surprise to find wholesale CBD oil brands whose products are below acceptable industry standards. But that is not the case for all US CBD oil wholesalers. Some US CBD wholesale companies like Palm Organix™ provide top-shelf CBD products and are considered amongst the best US hemp wholesale CBD companies in the CBD industry, and their products are highly sought after in the market. Here are some quick pointers to help you find the best US wholesale CBD oil partner with great products to choose from.


When Choosing a US Hemp CBD wholesale Partner, Quality is a priority.

Quality is one of the primary factors that set Hemp CBD wholesale manufacturers apart from the rest. Though the majority of the wholesale CBD brands out there claim their products are of high quality, for most CBD oil distributor, that is not necessarily true. The quality of wholesale CBD products varies depending on hemp plants used, the formulations and extraction methods used. As business owners, It is crucial to find a wholesale CBD partner who is transparent about its ingredients used in their products and how they extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant. Consider the following factors when choosing a quality wholesale CBD product.

  • Full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD

Choose a CBD oil brand that utilizes full-spectrum CBD or broad-spectrum CBD for their products. The cannabis Sativa plant has over 113 cannabinoids plus flavonoids, terpenes, and other active compounds that work together to magnify the entourage effect. Unlike CBD oil isolates, broad-spectrum CBD oil, and full-spectrum are known to offer the best results.  Choosing one of these two options will make your customers happy and help with their health and wellness goals.  Whether you are looking to sell CBD one bottle at a time or sell bulk CBD, these are both great options and quality product.

  • THC-free Hemp CBD

If you're looking to sell wholesale CBD to your customers, THC-free CBD products are ideal and you might not have to search any further. of the many product categories, 0.0% THC CBD oil has very strong sales. THC is the active compound of the cannabis Sativa plant associated with the "high" feeling. However, please note that less than 0.3% THC is the allowable legal amount permitted in the US as per the 2018 Farm Bill Act. As long as the CBD product has no more than 0.3% THC, it is federally legal and there's no chance of psychoactive effects.  Palm Organix™ only sells CBD oil that is THC- Free (0.0%) as supported by our lab testing.  The US hemp wholesale market is responsible for ensuring both quality product and hemp that meets the Farm Bill Act requirements using high quality extraction methods.

  • Hemp CBD Product selection

Choose a wholesale CBD oil company that provides a wide range of CBD oil products like CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD softgels, CBD bath bombs, CBD for pets and bulk CBD products grown from US hemp. When you work with a quality wholesale CBD partner or CBD company, you can rest assured that your customer's CBD oil needs are met and you will be able to source the right products.  It is also recommended that you choose a CBD supplier who sources their bulk CBD, Hemp, and other CBD oil things from the United States.  The US is considered to be the source of the highest quality CBD oil product available in the world.  If you offer a high quality products, your sales will be through the roof.

  • Rigorous lab testing of Hemp CBD oil

When you're looking for a wholesale CBD/Hemp partner, ensure a third party lab or an independent third party lab has tested all their CBD oil products for purity and consistency.  Third party Lab testing is crucial in finding a great hemp wholesale partner.  If the wholesale CBD oil partner does not have third party lab test results, search elsewhere for a better CBD partner.  Your distributor must provide products that are third party lab tested sourced from US hemp.  The reason third party lab testing is so important is because you have an independent unbiased review of the CBD oil product.

CBD wholesale partner

Choose a Hemp CBD wholesale company with reliable services.

The Hemp CBD market is growing exponentially, and CBD wholesale companies are overwhelmed in keeping up with the demand, and in many cases, this results in substandard services. So, when choosing a wholesale Hemp CBD partner for your CBD oil, choosing a CBD oil wholesale company with excellent customer service is a must. You have to search around to find a quality CBD producers that have quality CBD products but customer service is also vital. You wouldn't want to experience delays when it comes to your CBD orders from your distributor and if they have bad customer service, and you need to exchange a product this may cause problems to your company as you sell CBD.

Choose a CBD oil Distributor with Lots of Products to Choose From

The wholesale Hemp CBD brand you partner with will reflect on your business in terms of packaging, quality, and how the products appeal to your customers.  You also want to have many CBD oil products to choose from including bulk CBD for your company to market.  Many suppliers only offer a handful of products so be sure to work with high end CBD suppliers.  As a consumer, you want lots of products to choose from so that your company offers a large selection.

cbd online

Great marketing is crucial.

Choose a Hemp CBD oil wholesale company with excellent marketing support and a company that can also offer advice. You can evaluate the CBD brand's marketing support by asking questions like: Does the company provide brochures,  CBD samples, product displays, and banners?

Does your Wholesale CBD oil Supplier offer Support and Materials?

How about CBD oil educational materials? Can you access them yourself or for your employees? Is your wholesale CBD company available by email or phone for advice?  This way, your wholesale CBD operation will be smooth.

CBD Oil Starter Kit

CBD product selection, product categories and pricing.

CBD oil product selection, product categories and reasonable pricing are essential factors when looking for a wholesale CBD partner and hemp partner. While CBD pricing differs depending on whether the product is full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate, you should compare with your CBD target market's ability to afford them. That is why it is important to understand your customers' CBD needs and wants.

Now that you know the keys to finding the best wholesale CBD hemp oil partner, it's time to look for a CBD brand that meets your business and customers' needs and become a CBD distributor.


Why Palm Organix™ is the Best Wholesale CBD Brand to Partner With

 Palm Organix™ is a family-owned CBD oil company dedicated to providing the world's best THC-free and premium grade CBD products available in the marketplace. Palm Organix™ offers a wide range of CBD oil products, including: Tinctures, softgels, gummies, and CBD topicals.  No need to search any further as you have found the premier Hemp CBD wholesale partner in the US.

Wholesale CBD tinctures

CBD Mint Tincture Bundle Sale

CBD oil tinctures are the most popular CBD products in the marketplace.  CBD tincture products are available in many flavors and Palm Organix™ offers CBD oil tinctures in orange and mint flavors. These broad-spectrum CBD tinctures are formulated with the highest quality PCR hemp extract, are THC free CBD and designed to support health and overall well being.  Tinctures are a staple and should be amongst the first CBD products you carry for your companies if you want to be a CBD distributor.

Wholesale CBD softgels

Buy CBD Oil Immunity CBD Softgels

Palm Organix™ offers a variety of CBD softgels ranging from regular CBD oil softgels, CBD softgels with melatonin to provide an extra benefit to those with sleep issues, to CBD softgels with curcumin for those in need of pain-relieving benefits and CBD softgels with dried yeast fermentate.  If your planning on running a CBD business, you should carry CBD softgels.

CBD Gummies CBD Oil

Wholesale CBD gummies

Our CBD gummies come in 3 delicious mixed fruit natural flavors, and each gummy has 10mg of CBD oil.  No CBD business is complete without CBD Gummies.  The Palm Organix™ CBD gummies are THC Free CBD, are high quality, and offer 10mg of CBD oil.

CBD Energy Drinks CBD Oil

Wholesale CBD energy drink

Palm Organix™ CBD energy drinks come in berry flavor and suitable for anyone who needs an energy boost. The CBD energy drink is perfect for pre-workout, post-workout, or enjoying it as you unwind after a hectic busy day.  The CBD Oil used is THC Free CBD and each energy drink has 12.5mg of high quality CBD.

CBD Skincare CBD Oil near me CBD Lotion CBD Oil

Wholesale CBD skincare and CBD oil topicals

We offer a wide array of CBD topicals and CBD skincare products, including CBD salves, CBD lotion with camphor, CBD lotion for skincare, CBD cooling gel roll-on, and CBD face mask for our wholesale CBD oil partners. Our premium CBD topicals are derived from top-shelf hemp CBD Oil grown in the US and infused with natural botanicals to boost the absorption.  We only used the finest CBD oil available for our wholesale CBD oil and CBD products.

CBD Oil Near Me CBD Pet Treats CBD Oil Dog treats

Wholesale CBD for pets

Palm Organix™ CBD pet products are available in two forms for our wholesale CBD companies: CBD oil pet tinctures and tasty CBD oil pet chews. Our CBD pet line may help support your cat or dog's overall health and wellness.  You can purchase bulk CBD pet products from Palm Organix™ US Hemp wholesale business.  The market for Pet Hemp Wholesale CBD oil products is very strong.  If your business supports consumer in the pet industry, we can supply you with bulk CBD to resell to your customers.  If you are in the Pet daycare, Pet Grooming business, you will have strong demand from your customers for our Hemp CBD oil Pet product. 

Why Palm Organix is best in class

If you're looking to partner with the finest supplier of premium CBD products, Palm Organix™ is what you've been looking for. Why?  We offer a best in class Hemp Oil CBD product line.  Additionally we will offer you and your target market the support to become a successful CBD Wholesaler.


  • Fast and free shipping

All Palm Organix CBD products are made from sustainably farmed USA hemp, and we offer free shipping on all CBD oil orders via USPS first class mail. For wholesale CBD oil orders, the minimum order is $250.

  • Easy ordering process

To order wholesale CBD oil at Palm Organix™, simply shop our website, and apply your custom/unique coupon code at checkout, or contact the wholesale team at [email protected], and you'll be provided with your own custom coupon code.  We want to make it easy for our wholesale CBD oil partners.

  • Outstanding customer service and support system

Palm Organix™ has a world-class customer service to ease your CBD ordering process. In case you have any questions or issues regarding your wholesale CBD order, our customer service team will generally respond within 24 hours to business owners.

  • Great marketing support

Palm Organix™ offers CBD marketing materials, including brochures for every CBD oil wholesale order.

  • Fair and reasonable CBD wholesale pricing

 Our CBD wholesale pricing is 50% off retail.  Quality CBD products at affordable prices.


There's a lot that goes into how to find a wholesale CBD partner, but it's worth it to do solid research and search for a Hemp CBD wholesale brand who sells quality products and that's right for your business and customers. While there are tons of CBD wholesale networks out there, it's a pretty good idea to follow your instincts, and choose a reputable supplier for your customer base. 

Feel free to reach out to a member of the Palm Organix™ wholesale team with any questions, the email address is [email protected] and the phone number is 855-725-6223, so we can help you can make the right decision that will boost your business and your customer's health and wellness.

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