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July 27, 2022

How to Buy CBD Oil Online 7 Helpful Tips

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill Act which legalized CBD products federally, there has been an on-slot of new CBD brands entering the market. CBD went from something most people never heard of, to all of a sudden CBD oil products are available everywhere.

Due to the recent pandemic, many retail shoppers changed their buying behavior from brick and mortar shops, to online purchases. Most CBD oil products are now being purchased online, so how to identify a brand with high standards and high-quality product?

The good news is we have put together some great tips to ensure navigate the CBD market efficiently, and purchase a quality final product. Before you can identify a CBD brand you can trust, you need to know what type of pure CBD oil you are looking for.

online CBD oil

Types of Hemp Derived CBD Products

The three most common types of Hemp CBD oils currently in the marketplace for CBD use are; Full spectrum CBD oil, Broad Spectrum CBD oil and CBD Isolate

Full Spectrum oils

Full Spectrum oil is comprised by using all of the cannabinoids of the hemp plant during the extraction process. The problem with using this oil is that the THC levels will generally be 0.3%. When choosing Full Spectrum CBD oil you are consuming THC and even though it is only in trace amounts, which comes with its drawbacks. Issues include, Drug tests screening for THC (you might fail a work drug test). Additionally, taken at high doses, there may be unwanted intoxicating effects.

Isolate CBD

CBD isolate is exactly what its name implies, only the CBD is extracted or "isolated" and you have only the CBD cannabinoid. Although CBD is the most desirable component of all the cannabinoids, there are many other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that are not used. CBD does not allow for the entourage effect of the cannabinoids working together.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil

Broad Spectrum oils have only the THC removed and keep all of the other beneficial flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Think of Broad Spectrum oil as Full Spectrum without the unwanted side effects of THC.

Once you have chosen the type of CBD you are interested in trying, it is now time to identify the best CBD oil you can find online. With so many brands to choose from on the internet, this helpful guide will help you pick out the best way to buy the high quality CBD oil online, and avoid the fly by night low quality CBD brands, or CBD scams.

Let's look at the 7 tips for buying a premium CBD hemp oil online from a reputable supplier.

Buy CBD online

1. Know Where the CBD Seller Sources Their Hemp From 

Let's start with sourcing. States known for growing high quality hemp include, Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon to name a few. It is important to know where your Hemp and CBD oil is coming from as there is an abundance of European and Asian CBD on the market sourced from low quality foreign supplied hemp plants. These foreign suppliers are known to produce low quality products whose THC levels, and CBD levels are known to be inconsistent. Additionally, it is important to choose CBD companies that use sustainably farmed hemp. These farming practices will ensure that plants will not have heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides.

2. Avoid Hemp Seed Oil and Amazon "CBD Products"

Hemp Seed Oil (HSO)

A topic that comes up daily from customers who are looking to purchase pure CBD oils is what are Hemp Seed Oils. There are “CBD brands” advertising Hemp Seed CBD oil to consumers.

Often times these products are available at very low prices or on Amazon. Buyer Please Beware! "Seed oil" made from Hemp are products that do not contain CBD or other cannabinoids. The reason is Hemp Seed Oil is made by simply pressing the seeds . The seeds from a hemp plant do not contain CBD!

Pure CBD comes from the leaves stems and stalks of the Hemp Plant. Although HSO is high in omega fats, and may be beneficial for the skin, it is important to note that there is no CBD value coming from the seeds.

Additionally, Hemp seed oil has been legally sold for decades in high end grocery stores. The problem is that some online sellers are offering this "Seed Oil" and intentionally trying to mislead consumers into thinking that they are buying CBD oil online.

Again, many online sellers are pressing Hemp Seeds, placing a marijuana leaf on their bottle and intentionally trying to mislead the consumer into thinking they are buying CBD oil online. Don't be fooled!!!

Hemp CBD Tincture Products on Amazon

If you see CBD oil being sold on Amazon, again buyer beware. Amazon does not permit the sale of CBD or Hemp products on their site. What you are being advertised is likely Seed Oil, made to look like CBD dietary supplements.

hemp oil

3. Is there a Customer Service Team?

Make sure your online CBD oil seller has a way for you as their customers to get in touch with them. Do they offer a telephone number for you to call and ask questions to get more information? Is there an email that you can send inquiries to if you buy CBD oil online? Is their email address prominently displayed for you to contact them? Is their staff available to answer questions and provide additional information on the use of the

If there is not a convenient way to get in touch with the online seller, for example email address etc., it is recommended that you look elsewhere when you buy CBD online.

When speaking with a customer service rep, they should be able to answer your questions such as the amount of CBD in a product, how many mg of CBD in a dose, and how much CBD to consume daily.

4. Does the Online Retailer Lab Test Their CBD Products? 

Think about it this way, do you want to take the suppliers word for the products content or does it make sense to buy CBD oil online from a seller who tests their CBD to make sure what the CBD oil you are buying online is what the seller claims it is.

Premium online CBD retailers will have a certificate of analysis for all of their products as well as Third Party Lab Testing. The really quality brands will make this information readily available on their website and in many instances, they will also put a QR code directly on the packaging which will lead them to all CBD test results.

Some brands like Palm Organix™ for example lists all Lab Tests on their website, and on the actual packaging through the QR code.

buy cbd online

5. Avoid CBD Brands that make Medical Health Claims

Many people using CBD products are seeking the therapeutic benefits to ease sleep disorders, mood disorders, and chronic pain. Presently, CBD is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of any disease except for a few types of pediatric epilepsy, such as dravet syndrome. While it is okay for a CBD company to suggest potential benefits like CBD may promote better sleep, support pain relief efforts, or help with providing a sense of calm and well being, CBD sellers should never claim to cure medical conditions such as cancer, arthritis, or heart disease. A CBD online store that makes these types of medical claims is committing false advertising, and should not be trusted.

6. Free Shipping and Money-back Guarantee

I am sure that most online CBD customers would agree that it is annoying when they put a CBD oil product in the cart and realize that the online seller is charging you an exorbitant amount of money for shipping.

Unfortunately, many online CBD oil sellers will try to lure you in with a low price and then look to mark up your online CBD oil purchase with high costs to ship. The CBD oil products you buy online are generally very small in content so they are fairly inexpensive to ship.

Those online CBD brands charging high shipping fees are making a profit from the consumer via those costs. Be sure to watch for these costs when you buy CBD oil online.

Like many products when you buy CBD oil online, look for a seller who stands behind their product. Reputable, high quality online CBD oil sellers who are confident that they are offering a quality CBD product will offer a CBD satisfaction guarantee to those who buy CBD oil online from them.

For example, at Palm Organix™, every product sold comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you buy CBD oil online from Palm Organix™ and you are unhappy with the CBD product you purchased, they will refund your purchase no questions asked.

buy cbd oil online

7. Online Reviews 

Be sure to read company reviews to get an outside view of how other customers experiences with the company and products. Reviews like “ it took 3 weeks for the product to arrive” or “ When I have a question, there is nobody to contact” are two red flags to look for when buying CBD oil online. It is important to be realistic regarding reviews, some customers may leave a bad review because their expectations of the CBD product we not reasonable. Be skeptical of some online review sites as many times the bigger CBD brands are able to pay to have their products highlighted in these review articles.

cbd oils review


If you stick to these 7 basic tips on how to buy CBD oil online, you will be ahead of the game and will likely be one of many satisfied customers. If you are looking to buy high quality CBD oil online or are not happy with your existing online CBD oil seller, please visit us as Palm Organix™.  Palm Organix™ offers a full line of THC Free (0.0%) CBD products including CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD creams and topical products, and even CBD pet products.

Palm Organix™ is passionate about high quality CBD products and customer service, plus they offer many more perks and discounts to their online CBD oil buyers. The Palm Organix mission is to offer our clients the best in class online service for those looking to improve their well being and buy CBD oil online.

Note- Alway check state laws to ensure they follow the federal law, and federal regulations regarding industrial hemp.

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This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this notice. PLEASE NOTE: Zero THC is defined as (0.0%) no detectable THC, as supported by our lab testing.

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