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The Palm Organix™ invigorating line of CBD topicals and CBD Skincare include our CBD Salve, CBD Camphor Lotion, CBD Face Mask, CBD Skincare Lotion, and our CBD Cooling Gel Roll-On. Our premium CBD oil topicals are infused with natural botanicals that absorb quickly into the skin. CBD topicals are a popular choice for those looking for targeted health solutions and healthy glowing skin. Sourced from the highest quality Hemp Farms and CBD suppliers in the USA, all Palm Organix™ CBD topicals are THC-Free (0.0%) and are third party lab tested.
The Palm Organix™ invigorating line of CBD topicals and CBD Skincare include our CBD Salve, CBD Camphor Lotion, CBD Face Mask, CBD Skincare Lotion, and our CBD Cooling Gel Roll-On. Our premium CBD oil topicals are infused with natural botanicals that absorb quickly into the skin. CBD topicals are a popular choice for those looking for targeted health solutions and healthy glowing skin. Sourced from the highest quality Hemp Farms and CBD suppliers in the USA, all Palm Organix™ CBD topicals are THC-Free (0.0%) and are third party lab tested.

CBD Topicals & Skincare

CBD topicals have become a booming topic within the world of CBD recently. As we start to understand more and more about CBD skincare, brands like Palm Organix have started perfecting products that relate to your everyday skincare routine. This is because studies show various benefits surrounding using CBD cream on the skin, and our brand truly believes in the power of plants.

As popular as CBD topicals are becoming, not enough people know how these products work and when to use them. Thankfully, CBD skin care is quite a straightforward subject, and Palm Organix knows quite a bit about these unique CBD creams, balms, and oils.

CBD Topicals

Topical CBD products refer to CBD products that you topically apply to your skin. So, these are not products that you consume in any way — nor should you. Instead, CBD brands craft these products for you to rub onto your skin and experience benefits topically.

You can think of CBD  cream like your average Biofreeze or cooling gel. As you apply these products, the ingredients seep deep into the skin and penetrate the problem area. However, what differentiates Topical CBD products from other topicals is the incredible benefits they can bring.

While many topical CBD oil products simply mask the problem through the use of cooling or heating elements, CBD actually gets to the root of the problem. When you apply CBD topically, the cannabinoids absorb into your pores and work with the cannabinoid receptors in your skin and muscle tissue. As this happens, the spot you applied the CBD to is directly targeted, and may create relief and results.

It’s important to note that when you use CBD topicals, the cannabinoids are not actually getting into your bloodstream like they do with other products. Instead, the CBD topical application cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier and stays targeting the skin and muscle tissue instead. So, you will not experience the same effects as you would from a CBD oil with a CBD lotion and CBD creams for example.

Typically, people enjoy  broad spectrum CBD topicals to experience concentrated relief. For those involved in sports or heavy exercise, CBD topical can be fantastic for sore joints and aching muscles. When applied, the CBD gets to work immediately, resulting in quick, potent pain relief — even if it’s only temporary.

CBD Skincare: CBD creams,CBD lotion, CBD isolate

Along with using CBD topicals and CBD cream for pain relief, it’s now common to turn to CBD skincare to enhance your everyday skincare routine. Products like CBD face masks and CBD cream or serums are an excellent option for those who prefer more natural skincare products. These CBD products don’t contain any unnatural ingredients and tend to be great for sensitive skin.

When using CBD skincare, many people report softer, younger-looking skin and less redness overall. This is likely due to the substance’s anti-inflammatory properties working to reduce any discomfort and inflammation under the skin.

It’s important to remember that everybody’s experience with broad spectrum  CBD topicals will be different, and not everyone will benefit the same like. CBD cream also cannot cure any skin issues or complications, but consumers love it for its overall supportive benefits  essential oils instead.

Palm Organix™ Premium CBD Topicals

Here at Palm Organix, we have our own line of premium broad spectrum CBD topicals with natural ingredients that work to help you feel your best, no matter where you’re uncomfortable.

A Palm Organix™ CBD topical is designed to provide targeted relief to all areas of the body. When massaged into areas of discomfort, our superior hemp oil extract, along with natural active ingredients, will penetrate deep into the skin and sore muscles for maximum results.

Topicals are great for those who prefer not to use CBD edibles such as CBD oil tinctures or capsules, as you don’t have to consume any  high quality CBD topical. In fact, these products hardly even smell like hemp at all. Palm Organix offers five premium CBD skin care and topical products, each designed to enhance and support your individual needs. Our strengths range from 10 mg to 500 mg of CBD per product.

There are many benefits of adding a CBD topical 0.3 thc to your wellness routine. Whether you are looking for pain relief support, enhanced skincare, anti-inflammatory help, or overall improved well-being, Palm Organix has the best CBD available at the best prices.

The Best CBD Topicals: Palm Organix

While there are many CBD product options on the market, hight quality CBD topicals belong to Palm Organix. Our CBD lotions are made with such care and quality; it’s hard for them to compare to any other option on the shelves. We make sure that Palm Organix™ CBD topical is always:

  • Broad-Spectrum Cannabidiol CBD: Our sustainably farmed hemp plants farmed in the United States are processed in a GMP-certified facility using the CO2 extraction process. The THC is removed with this extraction method. To note- Full spectrum CBD cream will have THC in their hemp derived CBD products.
  • Lab Reports: All CBD products sold by Palm Organix are sent to third-party laboratories to ensure they are free from chemicals, pesticides, molds, and THC. All test results are posted on our website as well as accessible from the QR code on the label.
  • Superior Quality: Our topicals contain hemp-grown CBD concentrations and natural botanicals and essential oils. Our CBD extract is gluten-free, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and THC-free.
  • Customer Support: Our customer team is available M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST to help with your orders or answer any questions about our quality products or CBD use. We offer free shipping on all orders via USPS first class mail. All orders have a 30-day money-back return policy.

The best way for you to discover these CBD benefits is to try them for yourself. This way, you know exactly how our broad spectrum CBD lotions work for you and what products are ideal for your CBD skincare routine.

CBD Topicals For You

As we mentioned, Palm Organix offers a few different types of CBD skin care products, depending on what you like most. If you don’t want to go for a CBD lotion, we have CBD cream and CBD face masks to try instead. Or, you can opt for a CBD roll-on gel for a quicker, more on-the-go option. The choice is entirely yours!

When picking out your ideal Palm Organix the best CBD topical, you always want to determine what’s best for you. Are you looking for a product to help with pain relief, or do you want to give the skin on your face a bit of a break? Once you’ve made this distinction, choosing your perfect product becomes even easier.

The next time you’re looking for CBD topicals with hemp oil for sale, look no further than the Palm Organix CBD skincare section. With access to our third-party lab-test results, ingredient lists, and more, you can purchase your CBD lotion with total confidence.

Palm Organix and CBD Skincare

Here at Palm Organix, we always want to make sure you feel your best, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’ve just finished an intense workout or your skin is feeling a little tired, we have the products that’ll help you flourish. Even if you’ve never tried a CBD skin care product before, that’s okay! We have all the information you need to enjoy your experience and get the benefits your body deserves with pain relief cream CBD.

Don’t forget that Palm Organix operates exclusively online, making your purchasing process even more straightforward than you could’ve imagined. With us, you don’t even have to leave your home to find the CBD cream of your dreams. Instead, you can stay cozy on the couch and find everything you need in the palm of your hands with friendly price.

Take a look through our extensive selection of  broad spectrum CBD oil products for sale and find the products that most appeal to you (and your skin). Or, select a bundle of our products and save yourself even more time and money. No matter what you choose, your skin is going to thank you for turning to Palm Organix.

  1. Jerimiah


    I have tried lots of different lotions, some with CBD, some without, and this one has been the most effective on my bad knees. I highly recommend this CBD lotion for anyone with achy joints

  2. Carlos


    This CBD lotion is one of the best around, works fast and really helps with all kinds of aches

  3. Shelly


    This is my favorite CBD lotion, works great, smells great, and is not greasy

  4. Cynthia


    Works great on my bad knees.

  5. Jessica


    This is a nice lotion for moisturizing, but not strong enough for pain relief for me

  6. Daniel


    I love this cream, and it works really fast, just wish it came in a bigger size.

  7. Frank


    This salve works great, really helps with my nagging tendonitis, just wish it came in a larger size.

  8. Haley


    These are my 2 favorite topical, the rollon works great for my bad shoulder, and the lotion really keeps my skin soft

  9. Tracey


    I love these masks, the really help keep my skin looking great, I recommend using at least once a week.

  10. Ben


    Started using this a few months ago and really feel relief in my knees, great product

  11. Jennifer


    I love this lotion, works great for sore muscles, and smells great too

  12. Jerry


    This lotion is really great for dry skin, also love the free shipping

  13. Amy


    Best CBD cream available, a little goes a long way, really helps, and smells great. Love the free shipping and customer service as well

  14. Stuart


    Love this roll on, really helps with my achey shoulder

  15. Carla


    Love this cream, works great and smells great. My whole family uses this for all their bumps and bruises

  16. Ashley


    Best CBD mask I have tried, really helps calm my skin.

  17. Shelby T

    Shelby T

    Love this product

  18. Henry L

    Henry L

    I have been using this rollon for a few months, and it really works. Really helps after working out

  19. Billy B

    Billy B

    This is my favorite CBD product I use, works great, and smells great

  20. Andy S

    Andy S

    This stuff is great, I love that it is not greasy, and has a great minty smell, have been using it for the joint pain in my knee and I can really feel some relief.

  21. Chrissy Y

    Chrissy Y

    I love these masks, I use them like twice a week. The really work great

  22. Rhonda A

    Rhonda A

    I really love this salve, it really works

  23. Denise D

    Denise D

    This lotion is really moisturizing, and I love that it is unscented

  24. Allison E

    Allison E

    Got one as a gift, and I was hooked, now I buy them 10 at a time

  25. Brooke G

    Brooke G

    I use this lotion daily, it really helps with my dry skin

  26. Fiona A

    Fiona A

    This lotion works on everything, itchy skin, sore muscles, you name it

  27. Todd B

    Todd B

    The camphor and menthol in this lotion really is soothing, really helps take the edge off my aches and pains at the end of the day

  28. Spencer R

    Spencer R

    This is my favorite CBD product, I have tried many CBD creams and hemp oil products but this one works for me. I also like the gummies at night.

  29. Amanda J

    Amanda J

    A little goes along way with this cream, it works really great

  30. Madison P

    Madison P

    Very impressed with the silkyness of this lotion

  31. Julia L

    Julia L

    This one of the few face mask that really helps my skin, and doesn't cause me to break out

  32. Lucy H

    Lucy H

    I have been using the salve for a few months and can't believe how well it works

  33. Daniel L

    Daniel L

    After suffering from a nagging sports injury for years I finally decided to give CBD a try. I was very impressed with Palm Organix, I called to get some information on which products I should choose and they were very helpful. I went with the 1500mg mint tincture and the roll on and have found them both to be very effective.

  34. Liz D

    Liz D (verified owner)

    A friend of mine recommended I try the camphor lotion for my achy shoulder, I couldn't believe the relief I felt after just the first application. I would defiitely recommend this lotion , and the minty fragrance is very nice too

  35. Susan G

    Susan G

    Great knowledge of their products and how they can help. Definitely recommend Palm Organix.

  36. Harry W

    Harry W

    Having been very physically active for my entire life (I will be 70 this year), I was discouraged and disappointed when I began to start slowing down. After starting Palm Organix products I have been able to return to my favorite activities like hiking, biking, playing racquet sports, and workouts in the gym.

  37. Lil R

    Lil R

    After 12 sessions of physical therapy for hip and back mobility issues and little relief I was introduced to Palm Organix. The salve and soft gels have made a tremendous difference and I have increasing mobility. I won’t travel without a supply of Palm Organix

  38. Natalie D

    Natalie D

    Palm Organix is a must have. I use many of their products, for both me and my dogs. Highly recommend.

  39. Samantha H

    Samantha H

    I love the Palm Organix topicals, their skincare lotion really helps my dry skin and the face masks leave my face very soft.

  40. Kelli E

    Kelli E

    The CBD salve is a great product, it works almost instantly, even smells soothing, and is a great price for the concentration, 500mg. It goes on very smooth, and absorbs quickly. I tell everyone I can about this wonder salve!!!

  41. Renuka P

    Renuka P

    I’ve been a PT in sports medicine for over 20 years —- there always comes a point in when the body needs something to boost recovery. The quality of product that Palm organix delivers is excellent. My patients have been very receptive and responsive using it as an adjunct towards wellness and health.

  42. Leonard F

    Leonard F

    I ordered some of Palm Organix's products online (Mint Tincture and CBD Salve), and everything was amazing! The tincture tastes great and the salve was for my wife who has knee issues. She said the salve is awesome and helps a lot. The order arrived very fast, and they even threw in a free package of their energy drink mix for me to try! I will definitely be buying from Palm Organix again!

  43. Amanda P

    Amanda P

    Whether teaching tennis or competing professionally, Palm Organix™ CBD products keep me in the game, on and off the court. The mint tincture is my favorite and also a great smelling salve.

  44. Michael C

    Michael C

    I got the 500mg mint tincure and the salve for my mom who has had stiffness in her hands the past few years. She is using both and is having really good results.

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