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July 22, 2020

What is the Best Tasting CBD Oil Tincture? 

CBD Tinctures are for Sale Everywhere

CBD oil use has exploded across the globe in the past few years. There are tens of millions of CBD oil users in the United States alone using CBD for health benefits.  Everywhere you turn there is CBD oil for sale; Gas Stations, Bodegas, Convenience Stores, Health Stores, chiropractors, physical therapists, and of course, you can buy CBD oil online.   

With so many choices of CBD tinctures in the market, how can you tell the difference between all the products?   How do you know which are the best CBD oil tinctures.  Keep reading as we are going to walk through all the important factors to consider when choosing oil tinctures.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is one of over 113 cannabinoids produced by the cannabis sativa plant.  The Cannabis sativa plant has two common varieties, Marijuana and Hemp.  The Hemp plant is commonly used in the manufacture of CBD products as it has significantly lower levels of THC, making it the easier species of Cannabis sativa plant to extract hemp oil from to bring below the Farm Bill Act requirement of .3% THC (to be sold legally in the United States).  

CBD interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) already present in our bodies and CBD oil helps the ECS to maintain a healthy internal balance and assists with regulating a number of critical bodily functions. Recent scientific research has indicated that CBD provides numerous health benefits including supporting a restful night's sleep, supporting a sense of calm, and supporting joint and muscle mobility to name a few.  Many people have been researching using CBD products for pain relief as well as other health information.   Additionally, people are looking for alternatives to prescription medications as they are known to cause many unwanted side effects. 

What is the most Popular way to take CBD Oil?

CBD oil Tinctures are the most popular way people consume CBD products

Having said this, there are many ways to consume CBD oil, you have a choice of CBD Softgels, CBD edibles, CBD gummies, CBD drinks, and the most common and popular choice, CBD Tinctures, often referred to commonly as “CBD oils.” 

Since CBD oil Tinctures are the most common, and the consumption method where the result is one of the fastest amongst products, we will focus on this delivery method option on deciding what is the best CBD oil.

CBD drops 1

What is a CBD oil Tincture?

First, let's discuss what CBD oil Tinctures are.  A CBD oil Tincture is a concentrated liquid form of CBD oil generally mixed with a carrier oil such as MCT oil.  CBD oil tinctures are dispensed sublingually with a dropper and generally come in 30ml (1 ounce) bottles.  Tinctures are the most common way people consume CBD oil.  CBD oil tinctures come in different strengths, generally ranging in strength from 500mg to 1500mg of CBD oil per bottle.  When looking to choose the best CBD oil tincture it is important that it is understood that the tinctures are known to be fast acting and a product that is consumed sublingually.  Companies like Palm Organix™ offer high quality CBD oil tinctures in different CBD strengths and different CBD oil flavors.

cbd oil hemp oil honest trusted quality

What is the Best CBD Tincture?

First off, the most important factor, when looking to buy the best CBD oil Tinctures is to choose high quality CBD Tinctures from a reputable supplier who ensures that the CBD oil Tincture has the following:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures that is sourced from High Quality USA Grown Hemp

When looking to buy the best tasting CBD tinctures, you should always make certain that the CBD Tincture you are purchasing is sourced from a high quality Hemp Farm, preferably located in the USA from a well known hemp growing state like Colorado.  Like any quality cannabis product, quality product development will start with high standard farming procedures.  These standards will yield the difference between CBD products.  In addition to CBD content, the CBD oil tincture should have high levels of the other major cannabinoids as well in the content of the CBD product.

  • CBD oil Tinctures that are rigorously Third party Lab Tested 

When shopping for the best CBD tinctures it is important that the CBD brand you are choosing lab test their CBD products but more importantly third party lab tests their CBD Tincture.  Lab test include Certificates of Quality Assurance (COA) and Third party Lab test results.  COA result should be readily available on the CBD company website, as well as available by QR code on the CBD oil bottle.  Lab Testing will confirm the level of THC, other cannabinoids in the product, and a wide variety of testing for pesticides and heavy metals. The third party test will also tell you the shelf life of the CBD product.  If the vendor does not have a COA or is unwilling to show you the COA, this is a red flag and a hemp oil brand to avoid.

  • CBD Tincture that conforms to The 2018 Farm Bill Act Regulation

For more than one reason, but in particular, in order for CBD oil tincture to be legal, it must conform with the 2018 Farm Bill Act.  The main focus of the 2018 Farm Bill Act is to make sure that the CBD tincture or any CBD products you are purchasing contains less than .3% THC in the hemp oil.  CBD hemp oil must contain less than .3% THC in order to be federally legal.  Whether you are buying a full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD or isolate brand, the level must conform to the 2018 Farm Bill Act.  If the THC content in the CBD items is above 0.3% it is considered a marijuana product. 

  • CBD Tincture that is Sustainably Farmed

Of course you want to purchase the best tasting CBD tincture but you also want to make sure you are purchasing a CBD oil that is sustainably farmed which means that the Hemp was not grown or farmed using harsh pesticides or chemicals.  The lab testing will also be screening for harsh chemicals and heavy metals so be sure to review the lab tests for these criteria as well.  The best CBD oil tincture is the hemp derived CBD sourced from the cannabis plant. These products should also be non GMO. 

  • CBD Tincture that is Guaranteed

Purchasing the best CBD tinctures is important but you also want to buy your CBD Tinctures from a retailer that stands behind their product.  When shopping a hemp website for the best CBD Tincture, also make sure that the CBD Tinctures you are purchasing are guaranteed by your retailer.  Reputable companies like Palm Organix™ stand behind their CBD oil products and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you are not happy with the product, or have undesirable side effects, a money back guarantee when people are shopping for CBD products is important.   Brands with smart business interest in their customers are offering people this guarantee.

  • CBD Tinctures That Use Quality Extraction

Choose a hemp derived product where the cannabinoids have been extracted using the finest techniques.  This way, once the CBD oil has been extracted by either Supercritical CO2 extraction, or Ethanol Extraction, or alcohol extraction you are left with “natural” CBD oil in its pure form and a high content of cannabinoids.  The problem many consumers have with Natural CBD oil is that it tends to have a very earthy and cannabis taste to it, a taste that many people who enjoy the benefits of CBD oil find difficult on the palate which leads to next criteria.

  • CBD Tinctures That Use Quality Carrier Oils

It is recommended that in order to buy the best CBD tincture you can enjoy and use on a daily basis, you should shop for a CBD oil that has a great tasting carrier oil such as a medium chain triglyceride (MCT oil).  MCT oil is also sometimes referred to as fractionated coconut oil but in fact MCT oil is much more concentrated than fractionated coconut oil.   Other carrier's include vegetable oil, and grape seed oil.

  • Decide on What Type of Spectrum CBD you Prefer

"Spectrum" is a big factor in deciding the difference between CBD.  Generally there are 3 main types or Spectrum CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum refers to CBD that has all the major cannabinoids in the product but the THC is intentionally removed.  Many users of CBD oils consider Broad Spectrum to be the finest CBD products avaialble as you receive all the benefits of the cannabis plant without any negative side effects associated with THC.  The entire line of Palm Organix™ products are Broad spectrum which means they are THC Free.  THC Free is defined as (0.0%)

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum refers to using all the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant.  To be clear full spectrum CBD tinctures contain THC.  These full spectrum products may contain as much as .3% THC in each product.  If you are interested in using cannabidiol  but do not want to consume THC, many people will avoid the full spectrum pure CBD products.

Isolate CBD

Isolate refers to products where only one of the cannabinoids is used in the finished product.  Generally using CBD only is the preferred Isolate.  The problem with Isolate that the products do not contain any of the other beneficial cannabinoids.

Now that we have discussed oil based tinctures and what to look for in cannabidiol, let's talk about the most popular flavors people like and types of carriers.

What are the most popular flavors used for Best CBD Tinctures?

The 4 most popular CBD Oil flavors are:

  1. Mint CBD Tincture
  2. Orange CBDTinctures
  3. Lemon CBD Tincture
  4. Natural CBD Tincture

What Types of Carrier oils are used to make the best CBD Tinctures?

The 4 most common types of Carrier oil mixed with CBD Tinctures are:

  1. MCT Oil
  2. Hemp Seed Oil
  3. Grape Seed Oil
  4. Olive Oil

MCT Oil or coconut oil is the preferred carrier oil as the fatty acids in this oil help with absorption. Additionally, it has a very nice light flavor.


There are many CBD Tincture brands available in the marketplace but it is important to make sure you are familiar with what is important when looking for the best CBD oil.  If you are looking for an alternative to prescription medications, stick with a reputable CBD oil supplier who rigorously lab tests their product, uses USA hemp and has a quality Carrier Oil such as MCT oil and is non gmo.  Stick to these guidelines and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Palm Organix™ via our email address where a member of our highly trained CBD oil team can answer any questions you may have and make sure you purchase the best CBD oil.

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This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this notice. PLEASE NOTE: Zero THC is defined as (0.0%) no detectable THC, as supported by our lab testing.

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